As one of the few cushion-focused factory, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled range of beautiful cushions.
  We not only have experienced sewing workers but also our own design team and a wealth of continuously updated printing gallery.
  Our main products are polyester, cotton and linen indoor cushions,outdoor cushions,which are excellent in terms of fabric, workmanship and printing technology.
  Our cushions are popular in many countries around the world .
  Our cushions continues to update with our designers unique and chic designs that draw inspiration from around the world including the latest style trends.
  Excellent design team and superb workmanship will bring you unparalleled products.

CEO / Founder

Responsible for product design and quality of goods

Marketing Director

Responsible for setting up procurement and production

Public Relations

Responsible for printing and sewing

Customer Support

Responsible for transportation and tracking of goods